Woman Triumphs Battle Against Cancer, But Could Not Survive Freak Accident

In what turned out to be a tragic course of events for 66 years old Jean Allen, when first she found that she had won her battle against cancer, she died in a freak accident within a span of an hour.

The ironic part is that after receiving the good news of winning her battle against cancer, she was driving back home to share the pleasant news with her husband and her three daughters.

But, fate had something else in store for Jean, as she was forced to take a detour so that she could reach early. She took the detour in order to avoid the traffic disruption after a church was torched by the firebugs.

Winning against cancer following an arduous chemotherapy, the hospital had given her the green signal.

But, Jean could not fight the accident and succumbed to death in the crash.

Reports claim that Jean’s car, after leaving the road, got ploughed into a ditch at Whittlesey, near Peterborough.

Further, she got trapped in the same and eventually drowned. It is believed that the police are on the lookout for the gang that is suspected of torching St Mary’s church.

Frank, Jean’s husband, who was completely distressed, said, "Jean had very little injury at all. Emergency services pulled her car out of the ditch but she was dead. It's all the more heart-breaking because she had just been given the all-clear".