Government to Honor Two-Week Deadline to Attend Cancer Patients

As per the latest developments, the Coalition Government has guaranteed to honor its vow that the cancer patients would be attended by a specialist within the stipulated time frame of two weeks.

The same falls under the purview of the GP referral plan.

Earlier, following the disagreement between the acting Labor party leader Harriet Harman and David Cameron, uncertainty about the plan had risen. The conflict between the members took place this week, during the question time of the Prime Minister.

Since, the Government had pressed that all the targets, which were not valid clinically, would be done away with, the apprehensions about the same were prevalent.

Further, it was also recommended by Ms. Harman that since the Government did not have sufficient funds, it was evident that the Government would not be able to fulfill its promise of the two-week cancer guarantee plan.

Countering the reports, Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude said that the two week cancer guarantee plan was not part of the same. He shared the same with the BBC.

“We are not getting rid of the two week cancer guarantee. We will keep it because that's a target with clear clinical validity”, confirmed Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham.