U.S. Government Launches 'Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act'

In an attempt to reduce the percentage of overweight children in the U. S., the House Education and Labour Committee passed the "Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act".

This act focuses primarily on developing the quality of food introduced to students at school. To achieve this goal, the bill suggested an increase in the school lunch budget, with the ascertainment of school food’s safety.

The bill promoted the donation of the school food surplus to food banks, as well as, the coordination between local schools and local farmers. The bill also required schools to maintain authority over the food served to its students by the vending machines.

Obama’s administration arranged a comprehensive quality improvement programmes targeting the child nutrition problems in the U. S. These problems led 1 in every 5 children to suffer from obesity.

Although, the bill ensures $8 billion to be allocated to these programmes throughout the next 10 years, Gordon Jenkins, the programme manager at Slow Food USA, said that this number is not enough, if the Government aims on reaching a wider range of students. Jenkins added, “It won't be enough to make a significant change. That can be modified on the floor if Congress hears it's important enough".