E.Coli Concerns Lead To Recall of Salads

Fresh Express is recalling various varieties of salads after concerns raised over contamination due to E. Coli bacteria.

The Company has revealed that it has started to recall 23 varieties of Romaine salads from retailers and supermarkets in 19 U. S. states.

The recall was ordered after a test conducted by U. S. Food and Drug Administration found traces of E. Coli in a package of lettuce produced by Fresh Express.

Fresh Express has stressed that no cases of illnesses have been reported due to the consumption of these products. The Company has also instructed retailers to remove these varieties of salads and lettuce from their shelves.

It has also instructed customers to call the Fresh Express Consumer Response Center at (800) 242-5472 in case they need any information and clarification for these products.

The Company has already initiated the recall process as a precautionary measure. Most of these products have an expiry date of between July 8 and July 12 and also have an "S" in the product code.

People are being advised to throw away this salad if they have purchased it already.

Meanwhile, officials from California’s Department of Public Health are also trying to investigate the source of the E. Coli bacteria that lead to this contamination.