Parents underrating student debt

A flock of parents feels that the students shall be indebted with not more than £10,000 on completion of their graduation; however 9% out of the flock believes that the students shall owe nothing, the expressions have been dolled by a report published by the Association of Investment Companies.

The university research site asserts that the average student graduating in the year July 2011 shall unearth themselves with £21,198 of debt. This number is elevated by a 69% of approximation thronged by the parents to the AIC and is a total that is fixed to mount every year.

The communications manager at the AIC, Annabel Brodie-Smith has expressed his distress over the findings and expressed that it is a disturbing matter that so many students and their parents are still undervaluing the right cost of going to university.

Many youngsters go to university to have a gala time and make out the best years of their life, but in reality, graduation is a big financial load which might take years to pay off.