Web OS 1.4.5 debuts in Europe

Reports claim that Palm's latest firmware updated belonging to WebOS, version 1.4.5, has gained entry in three countries namely in Germany, France and the UK.

However, analysts claim the presence of a bug that has led to state the media/internal drive to be marked as read-only for PDK applications, claims the MobileBurn report.

Despite this Palm claims to offer the full European release of the update.

In addition to this the version will soon hit base in Canada in the weeks to come, which indicates that American fans have to wait longer for sufficing their needs.

Palm official stated: "We've spent the last week attempting to address this issue in a way that would not require restarting the carrier certification process, but we've concluded that this is not possible. Restarting certification would delay 1.4.5 substantially and could result in some wireless operators not taking the update at all."