Theatres at risk because of art funding cuts

A report has warned that numbers of theatres are at a risk of demolition, which could be seen in the next year because of the funding cuts to be introduced by the government. The Theatres Trust has identified a total number of 55 buildings at a risk of unstable future because of the cuts as the main reason behind it.

Theatre buildings in Derby, Wallsend and Workington have been on the top of the list of theatres at risk.

The chief of the Theatres Trust, Mr. Rob Dickins has said that they can't afford to loose the theatre heritage of the country in such an unpleasant manner.

According to sources the people are not happy at all for this demolition act and want their theatres to run as usual. People are using the power of the social networking sites like twitter and Facebook to help and protect the theatres in their area. The Civic Theatre of Bedford has been decided to be turned in to a council services centre. However, these theatres could be saved from demolition by some extra funding.