Business leaders still want Britain to join euro

According to the business leaders of Britain, the UK should still think about joining the euro in future. There are many business leaders who had tried for the UK to join the euro in the year 2003 but cold not succeeded.

Despite of the debt crisis, UK is not ready to join euro though it does its 70% of trade with the euro-based countries. This issue of maintaining a single currency in the different countries has risen because of the debt crisis.

On the other hand, most of the business leaders of UK believe that UK will be benefited by joining a single currency that is euro. Sir Nick Scheele, former chief operating officer of Ford has also argued in favor of UK to join the euro.

The head of the private equity fund, Kohlberg and Roberts has also agreed to Scheele in this issue. It shows that maximum people associated with business want the UK to join euro because of the debt crisis.

Some of the business leaders have also said against this issue of joining a single currency. Many of them believe that UK should join the euro at a suitable point of time instead of joining now.