Finding of ‘Cell Battles’ Opens a Way for Better Cancer Treatments

Researchers at the University College London have discovered that healthy and cancerous cells in the body fight with other cells and the loser cells tend to die in the end. These loser cells are killed by a procedure of biological suicide, which is also known as apoptosis.

The study will lead to better improvements in the cancer treatments.

The researchers have revealed that in this fight between the normal and cancer cells, if healthy cells are able to dominate the cancer cells, they eliminate them.

Scientists have noticed such deadly battles among the cells earlier also, but they were not sure whether such events occur in mammals, as well.

The Daily Mail in its report has published that the scientists are looking for the ways so that the balance can be made, which further may lead to the victory of healthy cells. Researchers have found that cells lacking Lgl and Mahjong proteins usually lose the fight against the healthy cells.

“This is the first time that we have seen cancer cells being killed simply by being surrounded by healthy cells”, said Dr. Yasuyuki Fujita. She led the group of researchers.

According to the experts, the research will be applicable for the tumors, which are generally formed in the breast, lung, stomach, bowel and the breast.