Scientists Spot Gene Causing Onset of Breast Cancer

A team of UK-based researchers have traced the gene responsible for the onset of breast cancer and the growth of tumors in the human body.

The gene has been given the name C35. They also claimed that the gene functions hyper-actively when a patient begins to develop HER2 positive tumors.

The researchers, from Breast Cancer Research Unit at the University of Edinburgh, also told that nearly one in five women with breast cancer are essentially HER2 positive.

They explained that the tumors cells offer immense receptivity to the HER2 proteins.

The drug mostly recommended for the treatment of this category of breast cancer is trastuzumab with the marketing name Herceptin.

However, it was found that the drug lacks in the effectiveness for treating all the patients, who are HER2 positive.

Interestingly, the scientists are already working on the development of vaccines and drugs, which can render the C35 gene in-operational.

The recent study has appeared in the British Journal of Cancer.

Lead Researcher Dr. Elad Katz, said, "The key is working out how cancer tumors form and spread. Identifying C35’s role in the spread of Her2 is a significant”.

He added that with the advent of the study, a new cure for Her2 can be identified.