Daniel Ubani to Face Competence Exams Again

Daniel Ubani, a German GP is being asked to take written and oral examinations to prove his medical competence next month. Daniel had by chance killed a patient, when he visited the UK for the first time. The medical authorities in Germany are also investigating a case that may put doctor in the hot water.

The tests may prove to be the end of his career in Germany also, as he is already banned to practice in the Britain.

A firm, Take Care Now had taken Ubani, in absence of a doctor in February 2008. Daniel then killed 70 years old David Gray at his home in Manes, Cambridgeshire because of overdose of a painkiller Diamorphine.

A report by NHS has revealed that due to the same drug, two non-fatal drugs have been reported in Germany.

According to the medical association in Westfalen- Lippe in Germany, Ubani has been called for special hearing on August 18. An expert group will also be questioning Daniel.

"Dr. Ubani will have to retake his medical examinations in both oral and written form”, said Volker Heiliger, Spokesman for Westfalen-Lippe.

The hearing will focus on the reasons of the unfortunate incident occurred in the UK and also the possible measures to avoid the same.