It’s the time for the Titans to take revenge against the Broncos

It's time for the Gold Coast Titans to break their sequences of losing against Brisbane Broncos. They will be meeting against each other on Friday at Skilled Park. The Titans had already won three games consecutively before they meet Broncos.

On the other hand, the Broncos have defeated them twice in a row in their last encounters. They have also beaten the Titans four times from their last five encounters. So as per the sports analysts, now this will be the time for the Titans to take revenge from their major rival Broncos.

So the Titans have to put everything for a win against Broncos. The team is needed a desperate win otherwise it will slip to the fifth position. Moreover, if they will lose one more match then they are going to be out of top eight.

After a gap of few months, both rivals are going to play against each other. So it has been anticipated that the game is going to be very exciting for the players as well as for the crowds. In their last encounter, the Broncos had won the match by 40-32 at the Skilled Park in the final series of 2009.