Mobile phones making us dumber: study

Our increasing reliance on the digital technology is making us dumber, a new research showed.

The fresh online study, conducted by ResearchNow on behalf of CPP, shoed that our dependence on mobile phones is corroding our ability to store numbers mentally bit by bit.

In a survey of more than 2,000 people, it was found that 61 per cent of respondents were unable to recall their best friend’s number, while 47 per cent couldn’t remember their partner’s mobile number off by heart.

It was also found that 45 per cent of the respondents couldn’t even remember their parents’ mobile phone number.

The research showed that people don’t feel the need of remembering even important phone numbers by heart as they like to store them on their phones.

Speaking on the topic, Michael Lynch from CPP said, “Our research shows that people are so heavily reliant on their mobile phones, that they’d be lost without them.”

According to Psychologist Glenn Wilson, our memories decline as technology advances and gets more sophisticated.

Dr. Glenn Wilson also said that over-dependence on technology could affect our mental agility as like other skills, memory also requires regular exercising if its capability is not to be lost.