What is RIM’s Fate?

Research in Motion’s Blackberry is struggling hard to compete with the upcoming advanced models by Apple, Android, Google and Microsoft. This is a cause of worry for RIM’s investors. The company’s stock prices have been constantly declining. The market share of RIM is also falling.

Adding to the stress of investors, the RIM people even didn’t come to meet the shareholders in a meeting held at Waterloo. It has been heard that they are coming up with a new BlackBerry 6 smartphone, which will launch by the end of this year.

RIM’s Co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis told that the new version will be unique and fascinating.

As per the reviews given by PC World on Blackberry 6, it applauded the new phone saying that it looks great. The operating system is also good and it has a unique feature called Blackberry Protect to locate the lost Smartphone.

Though RIM faced upheavals during the economic depression, its customer base rose by 64% last year. Their devices are often paid for by Wall Street, Fortune 500 and Government employers. It is still a favourable device by a number of people. RIM is also lowering down Blackberry’s prices.

It has also been heard that RIM is making a tablet computer on the lines of Apple’s iPad. It would be made in order to make it compatible with Blackberry, so as to make the smartphone famous all over again.