Apple’s Press Conference On iPhone 4 This Friday

Apple has called a press conference this Friday at 10 a. m. in Cupertino, Calif., after receiving a flood of complaints from the customers of the dropping network due to the iPhone 4 antennas.

There were enough speculations observed following the release of the news on Apple‘s scheduled press conference. Some said that the company is likely to unveil another phone in the range while others guessed that the conference might proclaim that iPhone 4 will now be available in more colours.

Later, it was confirmed that the conference has been called, as the company wants to discuss on the complaints coming in from the customers over the phone’s design.

The company has been forced to address the issue as it has been pointed by the PR departments, as well.

When the antenna problem was first reported, Apple had recommended the users to hold the phone from a different angle, so that the fingers are kept away from the antennas and the signal id received well.

However, it later said that the issue has aroused due to the wrongly displayed signal bars and released software for fixing the problem. The update named iOS 4.1 was launched on Wednesday.