Cancer Research UK Finds No Link Between Cancer and Stress

Cancer Research UK has accepted that its team could not discover any direct association of rising stress levels with the onset of cancer in an individual.

In a recent study report, the researchers claimed that increased social interaction between mice reduced the cancer tumours by more than 40%.

Head Information Nurse at Cancer Research UK, Martin Ledwick said that it will be difficult as of now to claim that a similar effect can be observed in human beings as well.

However, he agreed that better emotional support and care can elevate the longevity of the patients’ lives.

"Many people find that being well informed gives them a sense of taking back control over their situation, thereby helping them to cope emotionally during and after cancer treatment”, he said.

Under the experiment, more than 5 mice were put together in one cage with sufficient amounts of food and water. The other group included 20 mice together placed in a cage, which has sufficient toys, water and food. They were sustained and observed for a considerable period.

The researchers observed a 40% reduction in the cancer tumours of mice in the second group.