Oil Spill Caused Emotional Disorders Among Residents

Researchers have found that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused the spread of emotional stress disorders and mental health problems among the residents of the Gulf Coast. This led to organizations such as AltaPointe working on providing the residents who suffer the outcomes of the disaster with free and low-cost clinics.

Sherrie Crane, a therapist working for AltaPointe, said that the organization offers medical help and counselling services to children and adults who have been affected by the oil spill.

Regina Benjamin, Surgeon General, held a discussion with the residents at a church in Bayou La Batre, talking with local officials and health workers about the symptoms experienced by patients suffering from mental health issues as a result of the oil spill. Benjamin also advised the residents to help their neighbours at the Gulf Coast.

Benjamin clarified that she will be dealing with residents herself, providing them with the medical attention they deserve, giving her foremost attention to the psychological illnesses above other kinds of diseases.

Regina Benjamin was missed by her people from the Alabama Gulf Coast, her hometown, as before being elected by President Obama as a Surgeon General Benjamin worked directly with the crowd. After taking the post, Regina has to be present in Washington D.C. to deal with “top level conversations making those top-level decisions”.