Irish Budget Airline Ryanair Marked as Worst Brand for Families

Ryanair was yesterday marked as the "worst family brand" in a list compiled after an extensive survey undertaken by FamilyBrands, to rate nearly 100 famous firms ranging from Asda to Andrex. The brands included in the survey were ranked by 1,500 UK residents based on "how they treat families or their social responsibility", among other criteria.

Low cost Irish airline Ryanair, which charges a family of four a total of 40 Pounds booking fee on a return flight, in addition to other required costs, was described as doing "little to look after family values and not enough to listen to customers".

The carrier ranked at the bottom of the list compiled via poll, just below British Midland and BMI Baby, fellow budget airlines. Many of the poll's participants shared that Rayanair's priority was profit, and not caring for passengers and the airline had a "mercenary attitude to fees".

"Ryanair is the worst family brand we studied", said Steve Hastings of ad agency Isobel, which commissioned the FamilyBrands Survey. "The airline's mounting ancillary costs and the furore surrounding the proposed '£1 to spend a penny' have done little to endear them to the British public".

Other brands which fell to the list's bottom included Twitter, RBS and Sony's PS. Marks & Spencer made it to the top of the list, closely followed by Co-op and Boots.