Analyst plans to condemn UK Government Facebook plans

The major plans involving UK's coalition government to work hands in glove with the social networking site, Facebook to give a hand to policy ideas is facing disapproval by a leading analyst.

The Coalition government intends to support the Treasury's Spending Challenge plan and other policy ideas through Facebook.

The Spending Challenge, aims to prop up UK citizens to list out areas of public spending that can become a vital part of government plans to cut down upon the budget deficits.

The Gartner analyst and e-governance specialist Andrea Di Maio, stated: "Whoever believes that the sheer presence on Facebook will broaden and rebalance participation of UK citizens in this contest is wrong."

He adds that this plan can be exploited by political lobbyists and activists thus resulting to offer skewed results.

At the same time he also raised questions to the government in making use of Facebook for its primary mode of communication.

The statement was supported by the fact: "Does this mean that the next move is for the UK government to ditch its iconic portal and let Facebook do the trick?"