Sunbelt Software Merges in GFI Software

Sunbelt Software Merges in GFI Software

GFI Software, a Maltese security firm, has declared its acquisition of Sunbelt Software on Tuesday. The Company has, however, kept the deal price confidential. GFI software is a Company based in Malta with its various branches all over the world. Vipre line technology of Sunbelt is also included in the deal, which protects the devices from the malware.

After the merger both the companies aim to make a progress in the integrated security products for both on-premises use as well as the cloud.

GFI is a Company for security in Web and e-mail security and Sunbelt deals in antivirus and antispyware security software.

"No specific plans have been made yet in terms of product integration strategies, but we are working with the GFI team to identify areas where their technologies would complement our offerings", said Alex Eckelberry, the CEO of Sunbelt.

Management of Sunbelt is optimistic that the GFI would add to the capital and management of the Company and hence will improve the market prospects for its products. They believe that from shareholders to Company's partners, everybody would be benefitted by the takeover.

On the other hand, GFI seeks to get the better installed base and software drive globally, through its new business partner.

Sunbelt began its software distribution business 16 years back.