Android Based Samsung Captivate: Ready to Hit U.S. Markets

Samsung has added a new model in the range of Galaxy S phones, which has been named as Samsung Captivate. It is an Android based handset and considered as one of the best versions offered by AT&T. It has already been selling in the Korean market and over 300,000 units were sold there, in less than three weeks and now it is ready to hit the U. S. markets as well.

Shin Jong-kyun, President of Samsung's mobile business division expressed that they hope to sell 10 million units of Galaxy S globally. It has been planned to launch the phone in 110 countries, much higher from an earlier target of 48 in May.

Talking about the features of Captivate, it is 0.39 inches thick and thus comparatively thinner than the EVO 4G and the Droid X. It is lightweight, weighing 4.2 ounces, thanks to Super AMOLED technology, which avoids a separate layer on display. The new version has a touchpad which though, is not that easy to use. It has a 4-inch display larger than that of iPhone 4's. It has Android 2.1 and Samsung's own TouchWiz 3.0 user interface. Another important feature is inclusion of Media Hub, which is on the lines of iTunes. It doesn't have a front facing camera, but the picture quality is quite good.

The two phones- Captivate and iPhone 4 are in competition with one another. The later has a sharper look while former's look is simpler.

The prices would be around $600.