US Coast Guard confirms about progress on BP’s oil capping process

According to the US Coast Guard commander Thad Allen the engineers of BP have achieved a significant progress on its attempt of fitting a tighter cap on the damaged well to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The commander has also said that the new attempt could be the permanent solution for the oil spill. BP has planned to partially close the cap on Tuesday so that the engineers can know the actual integrity of the blown out well.

At the same time the US government has thought another deep water drilling moratorium, which would replace the first ban ended by the court.

Some changes have been made to the previous moratorium by the interior department of US and they are hoping to get the approval from the US federal court this time.

On the evening of Monday the commander confirmed the news of new well cap being placed and also the live underwater video footage published to confirm the fact.

The previous cap was not tight enough to seal the leaking oil from the well. This is something to smile for BP since the deep water explosion in April.