Foreign visits to nosedive with a fast pace

According to the research published by the Office for National Statistics, in the year 2009 the number of the Britons getting on the foreign trips dwindled at much faster rate since the year 1970s.

The approximated overall 58.6 million foreign tours made last year, fell down by 10.4 million which projected a dive of 15% from the year 2008. Business travel dived by a quarter whilst the figures of foreign holidays turned down by 15 per cent.

It also revealed that the British travelers are also shelling out less money in the foreign destinations previous year with a overall spending dwindling from £36.8 billion in 2008 to £31.7 billion in 2009.

Further as per ONS, the drop trailed a period of constant development in visits both to and from the UK nation, with vacations overseas moving at an average of 4 per cent per year since the previous 25 years.

With regards to Frances Tuke, a spokeswoman for ABTA, the travel association, expressed that in spite of the tough initial season this year, with gratitude towards to the BA walkouts and the volcanic ash cloud, the viewpoint for this summer was more optimistic.