Many UK Businesses Unaware of the Functioning of Their Sites on Touch Screen: Study

According to a LinkedIn poll, two thirds of enterprises in the UK are unaware of how their websites are operated on touch-screen devices like Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Apple is famous for invigorating its failed devices with new ads and it has done the similar thing with Facetime, which is one of the most awkwardly designed devices of Apple.

In the survey, 103 UK Company Directors were questioned and only 32% of them had checked the websites for devices like iPad. The survey was commissioned by Foresite.

Managing Director of Foresite, Barnaby Moffat, revealed that the iPad has made the touch screen technology common, however, it is not the first device to use this technology.

He said that it will definitely alter the manner in which the Companies deal with web designing. He stated that the Companies, who see their websites as the doorways for sale, should now focus on touch interface.

Moffat is expecting that the websites will need to be adjusted, in order to make them suitable for touch-screen and mobile devices.

In the month of June, Apple declared that it had marketed 3 million iPads in only 80 days of its launch.

Moffat added that employing an iPad to interact with a web page helps a person to imagine things differently. He said that rather than the routine click of a mouse, a person’s instinct makes him scroll, push, pinch and twist his way through a website.