Tea Party criticized by NAACP

On Monday, a Spokeswoman of NAACP revealed that the organization may give its nod to a declaration at its annual convention. The declaration criticized the tea party movement for encouraging racist people who are putting the democracy at risk.

On Tuesday the resolution will be mulled over by the delegates.

There has been a heated discussion over the tea party resolution ever since it was reported by the Kansas City Star.

The resolution reveals that the participants of the movement have depicted signs and placards to humiliate the people and specially, President Obama. The declaration says that the "the racist elements" in the tea party are acting as a hurdle in its growth.

NAACP Spokeswoman, Leila McDowell revealed that according to the resolution, the movement is not just limited to higher taxes but it could develop into something which is very risky.

The annual convention started this Saturday in Kansas City, Mo. The organization has also asked for a meeting with BP Plc which was responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The group will talk about the impact of the spill on the workers.

This resolution will be a sharp condemnation of the movement.