Marijuana Concealed in Railroad Tank Car Seized

A late-night police chase yielded desired results as a team of police officers busted a drug racket on Monday, seizing thousands of pounds of marijuana that had been hidden in a railroad tank car that came to the U. S. from Mexico this month.

Police Detective, Gus Villanueva said that a number of bundles of pot were removed from the gummy inside of the petroleum rail tanker by late morning and loads of additional packages were still inside.

The repossession operation at a rail yard, southeast of downtown Los Angeles, came to a stop at around 10 a. m. since something suspicious was found inside and a bomb squadron was called upon, Villanueva said.

The bomb squadron set a charge and detonated the small cylindrical thing at 5 p. m.

The bang created enough destructive force to obliterate the suspicious cylinder but not to devastate the integrity of the bud vase, said Fire Capt. Steve Ruda, referring to the tank car.

He said that the squad was in the procedure of determining as to what the object was and whether it was safe for crews to carry on removing the marijuana bundles.

The marijuana detection took place after officers tried to stop a vehicle traveling intermittently east of downtown late on Sunday and the driver refused to stop the vehicle.