Obama Admn Launches Domestic AIDS Strategy

President Barack Obama on Monday unveiled a new domestic AIDS strategy in a bid to launch a fight against the deadly HIV/AIDS on Monday, some three decades after the emergence of the malignant disease.

However, the new plan is revealed to formally land into effect on Tuesday.

The plan aims to reduce the infection rate by over 25%, test 90% of those engulfed by the virus and get 85% of patients treated immediately.

In addition, it aims to get 20% more of the most-at-risk groups, including the gay and bisexual men and blacks, treated with drugs to tackle their infection rates.

The strategy highlights the nations in urgent need of cutting the annual number of new infections from the current figure of 56,300 to 42,225 a year by 2015.

To achieve its motives, the plan has urged the U. S. Food and Drug Administration to prioritize the review process on the new HIV diagnostic tests on a regular basis.

“Unless we take bold actions, we face a new era of rising infections, greater challenges in serving people living with HIV, and higher health care costs”, the report posts.

The current figures by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have claimed that nearly 1.1 plus million people in the United States are engulfed by the malignant human immunodeficiency virus that leads to AIDS.