Industrial output rose by 11.50% in the month of May

A good news for people who look out for the country’s industrial development- the industrial output in the month of May this year has been increased by 11.5 per cent as compared to last year’s figure.

For the same period last year it was 2.1 per cent. This has been for the eighth consecutive month in a row now that the growth has recorded a double digit percentage on manufactured goods, especially the capital and consumer ones.

While the capital goods manufacturing increased by 34.3 per cent in May in contrast with last year’s negative growth rate of 3.6 per cent, the production of consumer goods rose by 23.7 per cent in the same month, as compared to last year’s 13.2 per cent.

The production in the fields of mining and electricity rose by 8.7 and 6.4 per cents respectively in May, in contrast with last year’s growth rate of 3.4 per cent and 3 per cent respectively.

Reportedly, out of the total 17 industries, 15 grew positively, as in the month of May.