The UK GDP figures have been published after a long delay

The new UK GDP figures have been published now after a delay of at least two weeks from the due date. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has delayed the publication of the GDP figures due to a potential error.

The newly published figures will cover the revision of the data of the time period between January and March. The very first figures showed an economy growth of 0.2% and that was revised up to 0.3% later.

These figures are very closely watched by the economists as it represents the state of economy of the country and the economists are expecting this figure to remain unchanged. These GDP figures are revised twice, once at monthly intervals and then again after the release of the figures.

According to ONS the delay of the publication of GDP figures was caused by concerns on the reliability of some of the figures. After that ONS also mentioned about the calls from the government to look again on the public sector debt figures.

Adding to that many of the economic institutions and thinktanks across the country had asked the ONS to bring transparency and accountability on the public sector figures.