Spore RPG to be Unveiled at Comic Con

A new game in the Spore series of Will Wright’s evolution may be launched formally during the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. Comic Con will be commencing from July 21.

On the official website of the conference, a panel has illustrated a brand new, Sci-Fi Action-RPG based on Spore. There is no specific information in the description. The new game is expected to be named as Darkspore, which will follow EA’s registration of the name, darkspore. com.

During an Investor’s conference call earlier this year, EA had indicated the launch of a game.

According to the website update, the new game is said to be the DNA of Spore, which either may be a spin-off title or it may be based on some of the Spore’s system.

The new updates on Comic Con website have revealed that EA and Maxis will have a new surprise. Experts are of the view that the next game should be expected in the world of Spore.

During the set up of domain, a Czech site, sporehrdinove. ic. cz snagged details, which included information about the game. The site also managed to get some screenshots.

The Comic Con discussion panel will explain more information in an hour long session, on July 24.