Wrap Bendable Bikes around Lamp-Posts

A UK designer known by the name, Kevin Scott, has just made biking easier for a lot of biking lovers. He has created a bike that can bend back on itself, which makes it easier to secure the bicycle, if a lock is not handy with a person.

It uses a ratchet system for the casing, so that it can be folded with just a tap of a knob.

So, any time a biker needs to leave his bike on a street, without any lock available, all he needs to do is just bend it around a lamppost or a pole and it is done.

The design is, at present, being showcased in the New Designers show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.

Kevin is looking for some monetary help from commercial houses, so that his invention can be commercialized and sold at a wider level.

More than being a safety measure (and perplexing more than one potential bike robber), it is also flexible and can be stored in very tight spaces. Another use for this bendy bike: overpoweringly crazy bike stunts.

Over the years, not much has changed about bikes. In the end, why change something that is so easy and effectual in its design?