3D TVs, A Rule From 2013

France’s gaming powerhouse, Ubisoft opined that 3D TV will be in all UK homes within the next three years. It made this statement based on the verity that future all gaming consoles will have 3D capabilities. Around 50% of all games played in 2012, will be in 3D.

Ubisoft's, UK Head of Marketing, Murray Pannell said that, the adoption of 3DTV "will start slowly".

He added, "But like HDTV, I wouldn't rule out the fact that this will be installed in everyone's living room in three years' time".

Ubisoft are deeply devoted to making 3D games. Their December 2009 tie up with James Cameron's film Avatar was capable of producing 3D images, when used with a compatible TV screen, irrespective of the fact that such displays at that time were limited.

It is excellent news for Sony, who produces 3D TVs, and whose PlayStation 3 console can play 3D games, with titles which can be downloaded such as Wipeout HD, Pain, and SuperStardust HD upgraded to incorporate 3D code.

Microsoft, in the meantime, has been more cautious, seeing the use of special 3D glasses as a hindrance to mainstream uptake.

However, Nintendo's experiment with 3D has yielded the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console, which sports a 3.5 inch screen with adjustable 3D effects without the need for glasses.