Google’s Intent to Invest 100M in Zynga for Expansion

Google has lately been intending to expand its attendance in the online gaming sector, and if reports are to be taken as something true that the company's invested $100M (or more) in online gaming giant Zynga, then there should be no doubts left about its authenticity.

The latter's the inventor of the popular Facebook games like Mafia Wars and FarmVille but, more significantly, it's also been struck with a potential market evaluation of $5 billion by researchers, over at Second Shares.

It's no secret that Zynga and its 237 million vigorous monthly players create a moderately convincing mass of the social gaming market.

The search giant is supposedly looking to launch its own Google Games platform that may itself be a component of the Company's held Google Me social networking presence.

Neither corporation desires to talk much about the planned investment which, according to Arrington, came directly from Google itself and not Google Ventures, the firm's venture capital arm.

Zynga will purportedly serve as the basis for the complete platform, which offers Google quick access to immediate popularity in relation to the games it'll be able to deliver to its clients.

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi has supposedly given confirmation that the Google-Zynga pact has taken place through his own independent sources familiar with the circumstances.