The ‘Special Thanks’ Segment Awaits Your Name

On Tuesday, Polyphony Digital revealed that it is now ready to launch Gran Turismo 5 and has even finalized a release date of November 2, 2010, for the same in the USA. The ever loved game will be available on Play Station

Adding to the fancy of the consumers, the credit roll system has been initiated by the company. For getting registered as a member of credit roll what one needs is to visit the game’s official site. Then listen to the music track in the recent E3 2010 trailer.

The next step is to give a suitable title for the track you heard. While following this procedure, one is free to give ear to the track and read the lyrics. Then mail the title you have selected for that tune along with your name, residing country and a descriptive comment regarding the music to the address provided in the source link.

One thing must be kept in mind: the rules and regulations for the same are being followed carefully, otherwise Polyphony will disqualify you. The last date for this is July 25. The name of the winner will be publicized within two weeks of the said date.

Now, the question is how this credit roll works?

Once the title’s suggestion is being sent, the scrutinization process will start. If one’s idea of title gets selected, he or she will be included in the list of "Special Thanks" section of the credits for GT5. The task of judgment lies with the creator of the series and producer Kazunori Yamauchi.