Nvidia Launches DirectX 11 Graphics Card

Nvidia unveiled a graphics card this Monday, launching a high-definition Blu-ray 3D and gaming platform for desktops.

The card has been priced at US$199, named GeForce GTX 460. It has emerged to be the most highly priced version of the card.

It is essentially based on the company's Fermi design, offering improved multimedia feat, when compared to its earlier versions.

The card comprises 336 processing cores and graphics memory of 768MB.

Interestingly, it is Nvidia's most nominal graphics card in terms of providing support to DirectX 11, which is a collection of tools required in bringing original images and sound during the game play or running of videos on Windows
7 PCs.

The graphics card will comprise two plots for displays, wherein one will be able to play a movie on two monitors simultaneously, said Justin Walker, Product Manager at Nvidia.

The card will also connect the parallel-processing potential of the graphics processors for enhancing gaming and application performance, added Walker. This is covered by inhabitant hardware support for DirectX 11, up to some extent.

In addition, Nvidia provides CUDA, which is a combination of programming tools for increasing and controlling parallel task implementation.