GPs ‘to Administer the NHS Funds’ in England

The Government is seeking to propose a plan, according to which doctors would become the in charge of funds worth billions of pounds for mental health, community services and hospital. This proposal will suggest that GPs should be responsible for most of the NHS budget in England.

The proposal is based on the belief that GPs will better know the needs of patients as compared to professional managers.

The NHS budget is worth £105 billion. Out of this budget, nearly 80% is provided to local health managers who are working for 152 primary care trusts. These managers commission services for their areas.

It is estimated that the white paper, which is to be published soon, will seek much of this percentage to be handed over to GPs.

It is also expected that the white paper will recommend forming an independent NHS board, which will look after the health services.

Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley has been backing this idea of GP move. Mr. Lansley told BBC yesterday that the proposals aim to “empower" doctors and deal with the "frustrating" bureaucracy, which has plagued the health services.

In the last few months, the British Medical Association has showed the signals that it’s not against the idea of the Government and it’s open to work with it.