Scott’s bendable bike can be wrapped and locked around poles

A bendable bike has lengthened the list of those inventions that you might wonder why no one thought of it before.

The bendable bike, developed by a young British industrial designer Kevin Scott, allows its user to fold around a pole and lock it to itself without a separate lock. Of course, the frame is rigid when ridden, but it becomes flexible after pushing a lever.

Twenty-one-year old Kevin Scott said that the bendable section of the bike's frame is made out of a series of glass-filled nylon sections, and it would prevent the bike from having stolen.

Scott has bagged second prize when he took his invention to the New Designers 2010 competition, which had attracted new designs from across the country. He received
500 pounds in as his award, which he would invest the bike's development.

When contacted, the young designer said that he needed funds to refine the design of the bendable bike, and for that he was looking for investors to fund the further development of the bike.

Scott added that he was ready to work full-time on the bendable bike, and added that he hoped a company would be willing to take it on with him.

The bendable bike also takes less space to be stored.