Facebook looks upon the e-mail notification problem

Facebook is seriously considering the mobile e-mail notification service it has proffered for BlackBerry users, technology website PC World stated.

Facebook seemingly has been getting complaints from a group called 'Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones', who claim that they are unable to get notifications of any new Facebook messages to their e-mail accounts.

Facebook through a statement said, "We are aware that a small minority of our users are experiencing problems with e-mail notifications. We are actively investigating the issue at the moment and hope to resolve it soon."

In actual scenario the feature should cater to sending of the messages to any of the user's registered e-mail address, together with a link to the Facebook conversation thread.

Minor fault such as switching on the e-mail notification feature were also considered by Facebook.

But the group on the contrary believes that despite of doing everything it doesn't work.

Some say that Facebook e-mail notifications are being sent to junk folder.