400 Motors from Yesteryears Years Raise £10,000 for NSPCC

Approximately 400 motors from yesteryears were placed on display, which included emergency vehicles, army transport, tractors, motorbikes and sports cars.

The event, which was the foremost in four years, had been organised by the NSPCC’s South West Child’s Voice Appeal, and successfully could raise more than £10,000 for Childline to help them respond to more calls from distressed kids.

NSPCC community fundraising Manager, Donna Statham said that it was really good to see the show back on its track.

A lot of hard work been went into organizing the whole event, since it had to be started from a scratch and also the team did not have addresses for the vehicle.

The charity expected to raise in excess of £5,000 that is likely to be invested in this area, and recruiting more helpers to answer calls in their Exeter base, but smashed that number with their £10k attempt.

Linda Allen who helped in organising the show added that weather was not a worry for the team. In the past 15 years, weather has been friendly to the event and similar is the case even this day.

The show went all well just in the similar way that it has been in the past.