Implanted Telescope Enables Elderly People to See

The Food and Drug Administration has given its approval to VisionCare’s CentraSight telescope for people older than 75. This telescope is for the people who have end-stage macular degeneration. This macular degeneration causes blindness in older adults.

The telescope if implanted in the eyes will enable these people to see again.

FDA approved the telescope after receiving the results of a clinical experiment. This experiment included Marian Orr of Charlotte, who got the telescope seven years back. Before the implant her vision was blurred and most of her eyesight was blocked out.

"My dad and his brother were blind in their later years and I didn't want to be like that”, Orr said. Orr now can read books and watch TV as well.

She received this telescope at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, which is the only one to conduct a clinical experiment in the year 2003.

The telescope is still to be assessed and examined by Medicare. The screening, surgery, rehabilitations and the device will cost nearly $20,000 to a patient.

The macular degeneration has an effect on nearly 8 million Americans. This degeneration affects people at the age of 60 and older than that.