Macmillan Cancer Support to Raise Funds for 24/7 Nursing Services

As per a report from cancer support charity Macmillan, the 24*7 nursing support will now be available in only half of the primary care trusts in England. The report showed that 127 out of the 148 PCTs of England were providing round the clock nursing to their patients. The figure accounted for 56% of the PCTs.

The Macmillan report was published on the same day the government announced an independent review on palliative care. The primary aim of this is to raise funding for this purpose and to encourage health providers to make patients feel secured and cared with round the clock nursing services. This review was announced last week by Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley in his first major speech on social care.

The task of raising money for Macmillan Cancer will be carried on by a NEWPORT communication team. On July 18, seven members of staff from the Newport office will join in the 80ft abseil down the Celtic Manor Resort.

‘The national end of life care strategy’, a report published in 2008, urged PCTs to provide all the time nursing services to the patients who require extra or emergency care.

Macmillan Cancer Support is also requesting others to raise essential funds and take part in this social cause.