Government Is Not Coming Up With Junk Food Regulations

People are getting addicted to high-calorie snacks and nothing has been done by Government in this context. A ray of hope was there that the Government would come up with regulations to check junk food industry, but that too has come to an end. The snacks industry will not be regulated by the government, as cleared this week.

The market has been filled with a lot many junk food items such as chips, pizzas, burgers, pastries, soft drinks and thousands of other such things. These food items contain large amount of sugar, salts and high fat contents, which cause a threat to people’s health. Citing an example, the mega-calorific frappuccino-style drinks are sold in every high street's coffee franchises. People never say ‘no’ to the junk food, despite knowing their ill-effects.

The regulations are necessary because companies themselves don’t bother what they are making or serving, as they are just worried about their ever-increasing profits. There are ways to make junk food healthy, but companies are not ready to follow the process as it would cost them much than usual. It is also thought that such measures of making low-calorie food may not fascinate much people.

What is needed is that people must educate themselves regarding the pros and cons of junk food. There was a campaign in this context called as Change4Life campaign, started by Labour, which is now under the coalition Government, to be funded by the people who manufacture the food people are not supposed to eat.

Not coming up with the junk food regulation is a “shame” on Health Secretary AndrewLansley, analysts have said.