Tylenol Recall Extended to Products Sold in U.S.

Saying that the actions on Thursday and June 15 involved a total of about 3 million bottles of the medicines, Johnson & Johnson offered supplementary details on Friday about its two latest recalls of Tylenol and other over-the-counter drugs.

Including Tylenol for children and adults, several forms of Benadryl allergy tablets and painkiller Motrin, the Company declared the most recent recall on Thursday, concerning 21 lots of medications.

But it, however, did not reveal the number of affected bottles.

Following media criticism about the lack of information, the Company Spokesman said, "We shipped approximately 2.5 million bottles of the affected lots involved in yesterday's recall”.

Again without hinting about the number of bottles involved, the Company recalled four bags of Benadryl and one set of Extra Strength Tylenol gels on June 15.

The recall had totaled about 500,000 bottles, the Company said on Friday.

Both recalls were linked to the Company's Jan. 15 recall of 53 million bottles of extensively used products.

They were all associated with the odors traced in a chemical in pallets used for transportation and storage of medicines.

Igniting a congressional examination and analysis from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, exclusive of the two latest actions related to the Jan. 15 recall, McNeil has issued four invention recalls in the past year due to value control troubles at its plants.