Nintendo DSi sales jump more than 40%

Sales of the DSi, a gaming console from Nintendo, have increase weak-on-weak by more than 40 per cent, thanks to the "price crash" announced by the Japanese games firm.

Nintendo slashed the price of the portable gaming console by £30, from £160 in mid-June to £130. However, the price cut doesn't apply to the DSi XL and the DS Lite.

The DSi can also be had for as little as £95 from some supermarkets such as Sainsburys and Asda.

Rob Saunders, the chief of communications at Nintendo, said that slashed prices of the gaming console attracted more and more customers over the past three weeks.

Commenting on the increased sales, Saunders said, "Since the adjustment in trade price has been passed on to consumers, each of the previous three weeks have seen DSi sales increase by over 40% week-on-week."

Nintendo’s move of slashing price of the DSi boosted speculations that the firm wants to clear out stock before introducing a new console.