Lord McFall joining Scots bank

During the last election MP Lord McFall of Alcluith who stood for the West Dunbartonshire, is to don the new image as director of a association targeting to buy Lloyds TSB's 185 wings in Scotland.

He attained the national recognition when he chaired the Commons Treasury select committee in the previous parliament; where he interrogated the senior executives from the financial institutions which were bailed out by the taxpayer.

He grilled them all amidst the inquiries into the banking disaster and its basis were Sir Fred Goodwin, the former chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, and Andy Hornby, former chief executive of Halifax Bank of Scotland.

Moreover a number of Scottish heavyweights shall trait on the board of the association that has been provided the operations of the title Project New Bank.

It intends that it shall contend to buy parts of nationalized banks, along with its top objective wings donned by Lloyds Banking Group that EU competition establishment which have been signaled to sell off.