Mild Stress Environment Helpful In Curbing Cancer Growth: Study

According to a recent study, living in an atmosphere, which is full of mental, physical and social stimulation, is instrumental in reducing cancer development. The reason behind it is that such an environment causes mild stress, which is good at curbing cancer.

The study was undertaken by scientists from the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, Richard J. Solove Research Institute and Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital.

The study depicts how the impact occurs and that it may have a remedial use. The scientists found that an improved environment triggers the nervous system pathway through which the brain communicates with fat tissue.

The name of the pathway is the hypothalamic-sympathoneural-adipocyte (HSA). The pathway communicates the fat cells to halt the release of a hormone known as leptin in the blood.

The primary function of leptin is to control appetite. However, the recent study has disclosed that it also enhances the growth of cancer.

The enriched atmosphere had an identical impact on the models of colon cancer and melanoma.

Dr. Matthew J. During, Professor of neuroscience, neurological surgery, molecular virology, immunology and medical genetics, reveals that people are of the view that cancer survivors should not face stress, but the research recommends that it is not totally true.