Binge Drinking In Young Pregnant Women Causes Disorders in Kids

Binge drinking amongst young women is causing an increase in kids to be born with learning disabilities.

A prominent Government counselor issued the warning.

Professor, Barry Carpenter said that a huge number of 19 to 24-year-olds are boozing profoundly, and are having unintended pregnancies, then drinking in the very important initial 13 weeks.

Prof. Carpenter, the National Director for special educational needs, told a nursing summit that there had been a 25% increase in kids with learning disabilities in the preceding five years, making the number to arrive at 950,000.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder that is caused by poisoning in the womb has also ascended and is now thought to have an effect on one in 100. The condition causes deformities on face, severe learning troubles and hyperactivity.

Prof. Carpenter told the journal Learning Disability Practice that drunken young women are poisoning their babies in their womb, which is almost like a child abuse by umbilical cord.

In addition to that, he said that 30% of people with FASD commit suicide in later lifespan because they face a lot of difficulties in numerous terms, which then become unbearable for them.

Mervi Jokinen of the Royal College of Midwives said that it is advisable to women to try and start a family, when you think that you have completely stopped drinking alcohol.