Do Not Lose Hope If Diagnosed With Cancer

Breast cancer takes away life of no less than 126 people. However, victim actress, Rebekah Gibbs, 37, who had been diagnosed with cancer, when her daughter, Gigi was merely 10 weeks old, is of the view that you should not lose all your hopes because of this reason.

Almost everyone was sad, when they came to know about Jennifer Saunders' fight with the hopeless condition.

However, she was lucky enough to have got diagnosed at the right time and received appropriate treatment, which only suggests that everyone should value life and also be merry, since this age has advanced a lot and is capable to at least give hope with early detection and then treatment, accordingly.

One person, every 11 minutes is going to be diagnosed with it and the number comes to 126 people. While those numbers are shocking, there is some positive news too. A huge percentage can afford to survive the condition.

It cannot be denied that there is more hope now and a lot of ways to tackle the condition.

Kylie Minogue, who had a terrible time with the condition, said that while being in dark, one tends to find fragments of positivity and optimism everywhere.