Pit Bull, Which Bit Vanessa Carlton, Can Go Home Now

‘A thousand miles’ singer Vanessa Carlton was in stories, after being bitten by the Ben Teichberg's dog Bella.

Right after the incident on May 2, Ben Teichberg's dog Bella had been taken away from his residence. The Judge in northeastern Pennsylvania on the other side, has asked the owner of dog ‘Ben Teichberg’, to install a fence at their residence.

The singer was jogging past Teichberg’s home in Shohola, where she was bitten by a dog. She soon indentified the dog as Bella. Carlton, had recently come back from London, to visit her parent’s home nearby.

But, according to the concerned veterinarian, the marks from the Carlton’s shocking wound did not match a shape of Bella’s teeth.

While the dog is gaining a lot of popularity, ‘’Defence fund’’ fundraiser is now turning out to ‘’Fence fund’’ fundraiser, in the groups at Facebook. Since May, the petition supporting the dog has gathered about 2,443 signatures.

While the family of the dog says that there is no exact process to bring Bella back home, other than to meet the terms of the court and to install the fence, as soon as possible. “We’ve never been happier,” smiled Joanne Teichberg, “We have other dogs at home who miss her and we’re going to have a family reunion party”, added by the joyful Teichberg family.