Governor Blagojevich is Caught in Hot Waters

After his failure to earn high ranks of approval, Rod Blagojevich, the former Governor of Illinois, lost his temper accusing the citizens of Illinois of being “ungrateful” for considering him the exact opposite of a dedicated public servant.

The former Governor was being charged with corruption, since 2005, as investigations showed his lack of commitment to his post and his people.

Former Deputy Governor, Robert Greenlee, explained that the former Governor used to escape his duties, either by staying at home or by staying in his office bathroom. Blagojevich, the Governor Greenlee added, did not cover his duty hours, as he used to visit the office for a maximum duration of 8 hours a week. The ex-Governor did not communicate with his citizens, especially those, who had concerns about the state budget and was never available to make certain crucial decisions or to investigate particular actions.

Reports pointed out that Governor Greenlee projected Blagojevich as “conniving, insincere, potty-mouthed, erratic, resentful of political foes and allies, unwilling to hear criticism and deeply inattentive to the nuts-and-bolts responsibilities of his job”.

However, regarding incriminating Blagojevich with trying to get a high paying job or a seat as a Senator, he was pleaded not guilty.